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At home with Bernadette Fahey

If you need motivation to get to your next Pilates class, Bernadette Fahey is the woman to inspire you. The founder of Body By Berner started her own business after she returned from New York where she worked in PR. Here, we step inside her spectacular seaside Sydney home to talk wellbeing, Pilates (of course) and daily rituals.

Tell me how and why you fell in love with Pilates?

My love for movement and the connection between mind and body began 10 years ago, when I went to my firstPilates class. At the time, I was living in New York and worked in the fast-paced world of public relations, spearheading campaigns for global fashion brands. Working around the clock meant wellness took a back seat. After my first Pilates class, I was absolutely hooked. As an added benefit I've never felt stronger and leaner than when I started Pilates training. 

Was running your own business always something you wanted to do?

Yes, my mother has an incredible work ethic and instilled an entrepreneurial drive in me from a young age. I always knew I wanted to run my own business; I just never knew what it would be! What I love most about running my own business is having autonomy over my schedule. However, when it's your own business the work never stops! 


How does Pilates help to clear your mind while also strengthening your body?

One of the fundamentals pillars of Pilates practice is breathwork - I start and end each session with essential oil and breathwork to activate diaphragmatic breath and clear the mind. 

Do you have any morning rituals which set you up for the day?

Every morning I wake up and mediate for 20 minutes, I follow this with hot water and lemon. 

What about nightly rituals?

I do my best to stay off my phone before I hop into bed, and I have just started a new Emma Lewisham skin routine! I use the supernatural Vitamin A Oil Cleanser and Skin Reset Serum. I follow this with Imbibe's Gold Sculpting tool and I find that this helps me wind down and get ready for bed. 

How would you describe your personal fashion style?

I am strongly influenced by the 70's, the disco era! At night I like to dress up, and during the day I am often in activewear. I change style depending on the occasion. 


Tell me about the creation of the beautiful mural in your studio…

One of my favourite restaurants, Bistrot 916 (located in Potts Point) has an incredible art installation of
female line paintings. I tracked down the artist, Daniel Knew, and set him with the following brief: to create a piece for my studio that celebrates the human form and provides something interesting for clients to look at. After a few conversations, we decided that he would live freeform draw me on the wall doing a series of Pilates poses - it was an incredibly collaborative process, and I am so pleased with the result.