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We're Celebrating Model Kate Bell On International Women's Day

Kate Bell describes herself as a self-rescuing warrior princess, model and yoga teacher. At 52 years old, she's changing the narrative around ageing. So for International Women's Day, there's no one we'd rather speak to. Here, Kate shares what she admires most about women, and what gives her joy.

What does International Women's Day mean to you?

It means standing shoulder-to-shoulder and creating a feeling of alliance. It's all about balancing the power imbalance of the world.

What do you think are a woman's greatest strengths?

I think what women have that keeps it all together is their ability to care. Caring is an innate female thing. It's the way that we're made. We find meaning in small things. For me, that might mean checking on Audrey who is 95 and lives upstairs. It's really nice to go and have a cup of tea with Audrey, even though I know that I've got to block out an afternoon to do it. Also women's innate beauty. So many women don't realise how beautiful they are. We're beautiful creatures.

What gives you the greatest joy in life?

I'm big on simplicity. So, anything around nature, the sun, the ocean trees, all of that. My beloved, my partner brings me joy. So does being in my body – moving to music brings me joy. I also like buying fresh food from farmers and going to new places.

How has beauty changed since you began your modelling career?

The choice of how you want to express yourself is just massive. I also love how all the eco-conscious products are coming up. Also, within the advertising fashion industry, the inclusion and diversity is great. On most jobs, if there's more than one model, there'll be all different types of looks. However, when it comes to age, there's never usually two mature models. There's never anyone older than me. I'd like to see this change.


How would you describe your personal style?

I've just been dining out on this ever since this happened, but mid last year I turned up in the style section of and they called me "the surfer in the city" and I thought I really like that. I'll stick with that, because I think that sums me up.

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